Life Quotes

Various Life Quotes by me..

Things can be built- Destroyed and- Rebuilt. A person is only here once

Love is a switch I can turn On and Off. You will say that Perhaps I don’t feel real Love. Well Perhaps you just like to suffer.

Stupidity is one of the most unattractive traits.

Love can grow anywhere you seed it, but it will only flower in the right conditions.

Instead of the should, would, could; just shut the fuck up and do it.

If you can’t look behind, look at the Sun.

Even fire leaves behind ashes.

Complaining is not an efficient way of changing a situation.

Someone taking the time to tell you they don’t care is letting you know that you’ve lost their care.

Desire hurts only the needy.

We are all children in constant evolution.

You possess all the powers of the God you praise.

You never know what you get yourself into, until you’re in it. Once you’re in it; hardly can you go back.

There’s a face under this skin; but there are a hundred layers before you get to see it.

Trying to drawn yourself enough times and you might become a great snorkeler.

There’s a killer in all of us; some just turn it on themselves.

If you can’t make something perfect, make it imperfect until it meets your artistic satisfaction. –IK

Many feelings are called love.

Your potential is unlimited as far long as you don’t put barriers for yourself

Attractiveness is mostly in attitude, personality and confidence.

 People won’t know you, until they want to know you. Otherwise, whatever you say is just an abstract.

If I intended to make Perfect Paintings, I wouldn’t have used paint at all. These are my imperfections, straight to the core.

I used to look out for approval. Now I’m content with justified disapproval.

Live your life under the light of the Sun until this one shuts off.

The true You is in constant evolution. The only way to stay true to your self is to follow the course of these changes.

The struggles of yesterday’s child are the strengths of today’s adult.

Launch your life like a bullet blown out from a gun.

For as long as there is life, there are infinite chances for someone to redeem.

“There are no good or bad decisions. There is only the choice and outcome. –This quote does not discuss the numerous layers of stupidity leading to a decision.”

It is less shameful to retreat at the right moment, rather than allow yourself being defeated.

If he is human, you have nothing to fear, if it is something else, copycat it to perfection

I might not be the greatest artist, writer, singer or athlete. But I uniquely will take on any challenge fearlessly.

On my journey to Babylon, I found out that neither Heaven of Hell were relevant to lead a fulfilled life.

As we grow older, the years seem shorter. In reality, it is us that do not take our time for life.

Poetry is a combination of words that can overpower a predetermined sense of logic.

Yesterday is History, Tomorrow’s a mystery. Right now, you better make it count.

Reality is the Greatest Man-Made Illusion…

Every aspect of life is a game of strategy. Strategy’s an estimation of risk and potential gain.

Anything that has been broken can be repaired or rebuilt with the power of the will.

The absence of sound does not make the silence.

When your shadow walks before you, you have left the path of light behind you.

If you have to scream, just whisper. Sound doesn’t matter.

 Your Pain does not end at the line where your Joy begins, but your Love can choose which one to keep.

 Believe in the impossible because only a fraction of the things humans have accomplished was considered possible

When something doesn’t feel right, then it must be wrong.

Truth comes to the one asking questions.

We are who we were, we become who we are and we will be who we choose to be.

Present is gone by the time you get to the end of the word.

The worst punishment is not death. It is life with torments.

Emotional pain surpasses anything the body could ever endure.

No one was born to be your enemy. The choices we make will decide how this will end.

People are subdivided in three main categories; the followers, that ones that are followed and the ones that make the rules.

I’ll severe the moon from your nights until we stand on common grounds.

Hate is a narrow feeling; it consumes you before reaching anyone else.

Our qualities and flaws is what make us unique. There is no other perfection

“The predator became the prey, the beast became insane.”

The world has 7 billion people that all know the word loneliness.

There’s no way to make sure your man doesn’t see another woman. The only thing you have to be sure of, is to be the right one for him.

It is fine to believe in a power greater than yourself; for comfort, courage and strength. But what you are, Who you can Be and Things you can Accomplish; it’s all in your own hands.

True feelings, sometimes make you speechless, but the most important things speak for themselves.

True beauty is beyond the image. Not every flawless apple tastes good…

Truth comes in a few versions…

Stupidity can be solved by knowledge, as a lack of intellect being a personal responsibly.

Don’t worry over the unavoidable. Work on a better future.

In a perfect world, we would not exist.

For each moment you spent in sadness, you could have chosen to be happy.

If eternity was true, time wouldn’t exist. Now we shall find which one is the lie.

Something called Love: Love doesn’t have to last a lifetime; it doesn’t have to happen by accident or be forced into. It can be lost, it can be found; but when it happens it’s remembered forever. It’s something that brings out the best of you and changes your world around. To everyone, love comes differently. Each person has their own perception and way of feeling love, which makes it impossible to describe for anyone.

Pity is not an action. Pity is a polite form of denial.

Coincidences aren’t coincidences. It’s life, having a conversation with you.

Give me something you have, in exchange of something I want. A fair deal.

Everything has soul: Animate inanimate, objects, things or beings; they all have soul; the energy of their maker, whether this one is lively, inanimate or subconscious. The energy of their maker and the energy that they choose to diffuse bond together to make a soul. Whatever you destroy, you take away its soul and take into yourself the energy of its destruction. Whatever you create, you give it a soul and the energy of its creation will live within.

Mathematics is what controls the world; everything is explainable by numerological data. Yet the equations themselves are made based on the actual perception of reality which forces the human mind to settle for flawless logic that justifies nonetheless what they have accepted as to be real. It is as if the numbers came first and then we have adapted this state of life to match up to them in order to give-in to that logic. We are doomed to never evolve passed this point if we accept all of the above; but there is infinitely more pass this state of denial.  The numbers wouldn’t mean a thing if we let go of this placebo reality.

If the heart had anything to do with the feeling of love; mine would dedicate every single beat to loving you.

If you believe only in what you see, what would you believe in if you ever lost your sight?

In the space between the blink and the tear, behold the emotion.

Regrets are negative things from the past carried onto to your present.

When there’s no more spice to spice up a relationship, add in some Grand Marnier.



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