Music & Videos

A first video-clip for my latest song cover of the original/Dissolved Girl – Massive Attack
ThumbnailThe Dissolved Girl – Enshacra

ThumbnailI’ll Be – Edwin McCain Cover

ThumbnailImmortality on Camera – Enshacra / My first Single from the EPThumbnailI’m not driving anymore- Rob Dougan CoverThumbnailMein Herz Brennt- Rammstein CoverThumbnailLive With Me – Massive Attack CoverThumbnailValerie -Amy Winehouse (cover) 

ThumbnailSuperman’s Dead – Our Lady PeaceThumbnailLynkyrd Skynyrd – Simple Man

ThumbnailAlex Clare – Just too close

ThumbnailKeep the Streets Empty – Fever Ray

ThumbnailI love you so -Delilah (cover)

ThumbnailHow Many Licks – Lil Kim cover

ThumbnailShelter – The XX

Sweet Dreams- Marilyn Manson

ThumbnailLove is a losing game- Amy Winehouse

ThumbnailMarilyn Manson- The Nobodies

ThumbnailBush – Jesus Online

ThumbnailIn The Air Tonight – Phil Collins

ThumbnailBlack Steel – Tricky

ThumbnailA Distance There Is – Theater of Tragedy


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